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Recycling 101 for Kiddos

Kids are like sponges; they absorb. If you want them to learn what’s important in life, you have to teach them young. Nothing is more important than teaching them to stay green, so therefore: It’s time to have a recycling day! Here’s how to do it. Set Up a Recycling Station Put a bunch of recyclable and reusable items on a table. Ideas include glass bottles, newspaper and old shirts. Ask Them Which Items Can Be Reused Help kids pick out the reusable items, such as clothing and tea towels. Tell them that you donate these instead of recycling them. Teach Them to Sort Together, sort out the rest of the recyclables into the right bins. Help Them Drag Bins...

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Have a Space Day with NASA Kids’ Club

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and you’re wondering what to do. We don’t want to say duh, but … Duh! Head to NASA Kid’s Club for fun games, activities and pictures of space.  Be sure to check out the Image of the Day, which is an impressive collection of pictures showing scientists, rockets in flight, planet closeups and more. Follow up your explorations with a trip to the nearest field for some stargazing. If the rain hasn’t let up, you can always go to the planetarium instead, so start packing that Aspen Tyke Traveler with all your baby, toddler and preschooler necessities today.

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Teach Color with Rainbow-Hued Art Supply Organization

Color is a key part of our world, but that doesn’t mean humans come into it instinctively able to distinguish orange from purple and green from red. No, color is another subjective cultural experience that has to be taught to our children. Yet it is nevertheless important, so you should start at any early age. One of the easiest ways to do this? Leverage the power of art supplies. Kids do instinctively love art, so teaching them color through crayons and paints is a no brainer. But  how to organize? Here’s a quick crash course.   Save nonbreakable clear jars until you have approximately a billion of them. Fill each jar with crayons, pens and markers in specific colors. Kids...

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The Best Parenting Hacks for Minimizing Meal Mess

Ah, mealtime. That special part of the day that increases a parent’s serenity and makes it all worth it. Wait,  no. We’re thinking of massages. Shoot. Okay, meals. That’s right. A terrible, daily mess that transforms your darling angels into spaghetti monsters. Well, here are some ideas to combat the mess that might just make the difference between savage and serene: Put your ketchup beneath your hot dogs on the bun. That way it soaks into the bread and doesn’t get everywhere. Put a cupcake liner under popsicles to catch the spills. Hide your candy in boring bags in the fridge (such as old frozen veggie bags mwahahaha). Cut pancakes into bite-sized pieces with a pizza cutter and deliver them...

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The Best Parenting Hack for Play-Doh Storage You’ve Ever Seen

Play-Doh.  The bane of every parent’s existence. It gets ground into the furniture and somehow ends up on the underside of the table. It’s in hair and on carpet and, hold on … is that some turquoise dough in the tuna casserole? Unfortunately, we can’t do much to help you keep it away from the television, but we do have a great  idea for keeping Play-Doh organized and out of the living room, courtesy of What’s Up Moms. No longer do you have to be plagued by this pesky childhood favorite all rollin’ around under the couch and stuff. Stick all your colors into a K-cup carousel and keep it in the art corner, and you’ll never again have to...

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