We are MOOV


And like the nation in which we are based in (and now manufacture our product in), we are starting new. 

You are probably wondering why a baby bag company is changing its name. Well, it was time for a change (just like those diapers your new kiddo is needing right now). Change is not a bad thing; we are moving production to the United States and coming up with new ideas for products and new ways to use our already established and loved product. 

Our product line is growing outside the baby bag, so that means we need to grow with it. MOOV symbolizes the movement, change, growth, and the everyday grind that married couples, parents, and singles go through and we want to be the company to help with that move through life. Or as our new motto goes: Simplify Life. We want to simplify you and your family’s life by providing you with a bag to use for the gym, for emergencies, for a carry-on, for everyday use, and yes, to be the best bag to grow with your little one. 

On top of a new name for the company, we are also changing the name and some of the design of our OG. Good-bye ‘Tyke Traveler’ and hello ‘Grow.’ It will be the perfect bag for all your baby needs but can be used as the kid grows because a bag should not stop being useful at a certain age; from diapers to grade school. 

And like we said before, we are launching new products. We have two new bags in the works and will be launched on Kickstarter around August. We are working our prototypes now to make them the best products out there. We cannot wait for you to see them. You probably have seen some of the sneak previews on our social and we will be dropping more hints the closer we come to the launch date. We know you are going to love them as much as, if not more than, we do.

So, come on the journey as we MOOV (get it) onto the next thing for our company.

The MOOV family
MOOV-Simplify Life

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