The Most Creative Uses of the Diper Bag

Here Are the Most Creative Ways to Use Your Tyke Traveler Bag

We’re all in a hurry these days, and what could be better than a single bag that can do it all? We proudly present the Tyke Traveler, with an almost-magical ability to transform itself into whatever you need. To wit:

  1. Briefcase

Have a big presentation coming up? Why not put your Surface Pro, iPad, tablets, notecards or water bottle in here? With lots of different compartments, you can be sure to bring your charger this time.

  1. Paris Hilton-Sized Dog Carrier

If you have the World’s Tiniest Dog, you can stick it in the Aspen Tyke Traveler along with bones and a bed. Let it shiver in peace in our bag’s cozy womb. (Not actually recommended for live animal transport. Obviously.)

  1. Art Supply Attaché Case

Stick your oil paints inside our handy compartments, and get ready to Monet the heck out of your next vacation.

Of course, not everyone is looking for creativity. If you prefer, you could always just … you know … put your baby gear in there. 

With a foldout changing pad, room for diapers and wipes and other necessities, and a patented checklist system to help you ensure nothing is left behind, you’re bound to improve those parenting-on-the-go skills. Find out more here.

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