The Best Parenting Hacks for Minimizing Meal Mess

Ah, mealtime. That special part of the day that increases a parent’s serenity and makes it all worth it.

Wait,  no. We’re thinking of massages. Shoot.

Okay, meals. That’s right. A terrible, daily mess that transforms your darling angels into spaghetti monsters. Well, here are some ideas to combat the mess that might just make the difference between savage and serene:

  • Put your ketchup beneath your hot dogs on the bun. That way it soaks into the bread and doesn’t get everywhere.
  • Put a cupcake liner under popsicles to catch the spills.
  • Hide your candy in boring bags in the fridge (such as old frozen veggie bags mwahahaha).
  • Cut pancakes into bite-sized pieces with a pizza cutter and deliver them one at a time. No more pancake tornado.
  • Raise the side tabs on a juice box so kids can hold those instead of squeezing the box to high heaven and squirting everywhere.

See? Aren’t we the best? 

And last but not least, be sure to pack lots of mess-free snacks in your Aspen Tyke Traveler’s individual storage compartments so you can take them out one at a time in the car or at the park. Goodbye mess, hello mealtime freedom.

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