The Best Parenting Hack for Play-Doh Storage You’ve Ever Seen


The bane of every parent’s existence. It gets ground into the furniture and somehow ends up on the underside of the table. It’s in hair and on carpet and, hold on … is that some turquoise dough in the tuna casserole?

Unfortunately, we can’t do much to help you keep it away from the television, but we do have a great  idea for keeping Play-Doh organized and out of the living room, courtesy of What’s Up Moms.

No longer do you have to be plagued by this pesky childhood favorite all rollin’ around under the couch and stuff. Stick all your colors into a K-cup carousel and keep it in the art corner, and you’ll never again have to wonder: 

  1. Where the green got off to
  2. Which containers need replacing
  3. Why you didn’t think of this before

Of course, there are other ways to organize Play-Doh as well. With the Aspen Tyke Traveler, you can bring the perfect toy to your next picnic or trip to Grandma’s house. Just organize your colorful dough in our separate compartments and you’ll always know exactly where they are.

Although you may soon ask: How did that yellow smear end up on Grandpa’s classic car? Nobody tell him; it’s time to go.

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