Teach Color with Rainbow-Hued Art Supply Organization

Color is a key part of our world, but that doesn’t mean humans come into it instinctively able to distinguish orange from purple and green from red.

No, color is another subjective cultural experience that has to be taught to our children. Yet it is nevertheless important, so you should start at any early age.

One of the easiest ways to do this? Leverage the power of art supplies. Kids do instinctively love art, so teaching them color through crayons and paints is a no brainer.

But  how to organize? Here’s a quick crash course.


  1. Save nonbreakable clear jars until you have approximately a billion of them.
  2. Fill each jar with crayons, pens and markers in specific colors. Kids don’t mind their implements mixed, so don’t worry. Divide colors as specifically as possible, for instance sorting sky blue from dark blue.
  3. Put a colored sticker on each jar showing its color, and a label with the word written out.
  4. Teach them to put their art supplies away by hue, helping them develop color sense and organization. Everyone wins!
  5. Transition your system to a travel-suitable one by placing color sets into individual plastic baggies and storing them in your Aspen Tyke Traveler.

Naturally, if you don’t have an Aspen Tyke Traveler bag yet, you’re going to need one. Off with you. Run, don’t walk.

That’s right, you! Get moving! Color amazingness awaits.

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