How to Use a Shoe Storage Bag for Toys

Okay. Get ready for pure genius.

You know how you’ve always got all those little gimcracks, games, stuffies and art supplies lying around? Now you can forget about cleaning them up all the time, because we have an idea for you that will knock your socks off.

We actually stole this idea from Kids’ Activities, a blog dedicated to rocking parenthood at any age, and while it was originally intended for organizing Legos, we think it works just as well for any toy.

For instance, it’s an awesome way to teach babies and young toddlers to clean up. They know to head to the shoe storage bag for plush pets and tag toys, and love to stick them back in just as much. On the go? Just transfer the system to your Aspen Tyke Traveler bag. Trust us; it works.

Oh, and hey. If your socks actually fall off, you could always use one of the shoe storage compartments for them. See? We have good ideas too; we don’t steal all of them from parenting blogs.

Although, most of them. We’ll admit we steal most of them.

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