How to pack the Tyke Traveler Bag

Perhaps you already have a diaper bag system and you’re all like, Step away from the bag. Keep your hands clear. Do not dare to offer any more advice.

In which case, we’re cool, man. We totally respect who you are and how you do things, although possibly you need a chill pill. (We’re not sure what that is, so talk to your primary care provider.)

For everyone who still wonders how to rock the Tyke Traveler, we’re here with a handy rundown of basic packing techniques, so let’s get started:

  1. Make labels for all your pockets, indicating where you keep the diapers, wipes, creams, snacks, Kleenexes and so on. You can use our pre-printed set or make your own labels if preferred.

    • Put things in labeled compartments. We don’t want to be too controlling, but it helps to match up the item with its label, unless maybe you’re doing an April Fool’s thing. Just sayin’.
    • Use the patented checklist system to indicate which compartments need filling. When the compartment is filled, you will see the check symbol. When the compartment needs restocking, you will see the uncheck symbol. Easy peasy.
    • Have fun!

      We’re not really sure what that last one means; it’s just something everyone tacks on to list items, so we thought we would too. Is it working? Are we having fun yet??

      Ahem. Anyway, if you’d like a visual tour of the Tyke Traveler, we invite you to go check it out today. We think you’ll be impressed, but if not … thanks for reading anyway.

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