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Labor Day, aka the end of summer, is only a few weeks away. Though we are sure you have been to the beach plenty of times this summer, we thought you would need a reminder of what to bring to the beach. And you know the perfect bag to bring to the beach? You guessed it...the Tyke Traveler! So, here are a few things that will fit in the compartments of our Tyke Traveler xCheck system pockets: 

  • SPF: plan accordingly and get the right SPF for your family and your skin. No matter your skin tone or age, a good SPF will help protect you from the sun’s rays. Also, make sure you reapply after getting out of the water or every few hours. Placement recommendations: Can be placed in the side pockets or inside. 
  • Towel(s): Bring a towel to layout and help (somewhat) mitigate you from getting sand everywhere. Sand, where is not needed, can be a pain. Placement recommendations: Can be placed in the laptop/tablet compartment. Roll and stack them to conserve as much space. Hint: if you have the diaper pad, you can use this to conserve space, and you can shake it out easily.  
  • Water: Bring plenty of water for your time at the beach. No one likes to be dehydrated or paying the crazy amount of money for a bottle of water. If you are not bringing a cooler, place a few bottles in the bag for later. Placement recommendations: side pockets or roll some bottles in your towels and place them in the laptop/tablet area. 
  • Hat: If you are not going to wear it on the way out there, you can always place in the bag for later. Placement recommendations: Attach them to your straps or if it is a billed hat (baseball cap), tuck the bill into the head part and place into one of the pockets inside.  
  • Snacks: Need to crave those tummy grumbles. Bring some snacks that can be easily opened and don’t need a cooler. Placement recommendations: You can put small baggies or already bagged chips into our pockets. Use the erasable labels to help your kiddos navigate the snack situation. 
  • Change of clothes: Whether they are wet or just sandy, no one wants dirty clothes in the main compartment of their car. Usually, there are changing stations or bathrooms with big enough stalls to change in at the beach. Placement recommendations: Roll them with your towels or place them in large bags to place into the interior pockets. Hint: the bags you use for clean clothes can house the dirty clothes for the trip home.  

Well, those are just some of our recommendations. What do you bring to the beach? Reach out on social media on how you pack your Tyke Traveler for the beach by tagging us @moov_usa or using #TykeTraveler and we might feature you.  


-The MOOV Family 
MOOV – Life Simplified. 


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