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It is almost that time of the year where you start buying school supplies, new school clothes and start packing lunches for your kids because school is back in session. It can be a fun and exciting time because now the kids have their time taken up by schoolwork instead of constantly in the house. But it can also be a time a dread, mostly because you have to follow this mandated list of supplies for the school year and find the perfect bag that can withstand what you can only describe is your hurricane kid. We have your solution for your backpack problems; everything else is out of our control.  

Our Tyke Traveler, though originally created as a diaper bag, can be used for an everyday bag. The organizational xCheck system is perfect to help your kiddo establish great organizational skills, but also makes sure everything is within reach. It is also light-weight so your child is not weighted down and it helps evenly distribute the weight of all the things your kid has to carry daily to and from school. And if your child is wheelchair-bound, the bag has a strap that can attach to the chair or is light-weight enough that they can be worn on their back without the bag sliding down. 

Back to School with the MOOV Tyke Traveler

Our CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) Alex has been using the bag the past few years as a school bag and has no complaints. But also check out these mommas who are giving the Tyke Traveler a try this school year:  

Lauren Lorenz from Lauren Reviews It talks about how much she likes the versatility of the bag on her video: 

Joanne DeAngelo is excited about the start of school: 

Kerry Smith shows you how to use the bag in her own special way: 


Renee Franklin surprises Kira with the bag: 

Well, we hope you are a little more relieved when it comes to school shopping. Try out our bag this school year and with a lifetime warranty, you’ll be able to keep the bag year after year without having to shop for a new one the next year.  

-The MOOV Family 
Simplify LIfe 

PS: In the next few months we will be rolling out removable accessory bags perfect for pencils, pens, sticky notes, and a whole host of other things. Make sure you follow all our social media channels for the announcements.  

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